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Mesa Car Accident Lawyer

Marlon Branham is your Mesa auto and car accidents lawyer, providing valuable legal representation for injured clients at Branham Law Offices, PC

Help with the medical aspect of your claim

Getting out of pain is top priority. Often clients worry about how to continue medical treatment when not knowing how to pay bills. We advise and sometimes recommend doctors who accept medical insurance liens, which allow continued treatment without payment until the injury claim resolves.

Rely on effective legal skills

Most auto accident cases involve two opponents-the injured person (plaintiff) backed by a skilled attorney and the insurance company (defendant). Aside from dealing with insurance adjusters and managing the paperwork of a claim, an experienced Mesa car accidents lawyer helps with many other aspects of a case.The ability to leverage a fair recovery rests on a combination of legal skills:

  • Behind the scene, an investigative team gathers evidence from the auto accident, interviews witnesses, and identifies liable parties.
  • Medical reports, consultations with your physician, evaluations from occupational therapists, and other health care professionals support us in accurately evaluating damages-past and future.
  • Putting a value on your pain and suffering is often a key factor when negotiating with insurance companies. Naturally an insurance company would like to assign as little value as possible. But a failure to settle can result in trial. And a sympathetic jury is not limited in the monetary amount it can assign for pain and suffering. So, a case with a potentially high pain and suffering recovery-in the hands of a convincing lawyer-often influences an insurance company to keep a case out of court.

Quick and effective settlement is always our goal and is in your best interests. However, at Branham Law Offices, PC we never hesitate to aggressively try your case in court if necessary to maximize recovery. Click to read the misconceptions about auto accident litigation or car accidents FAQs in Mesa and surrounding areas.