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Car Accident Litigation Misconceptions

Everyone has either been in or knows someone who has been in car accident-whether a fender bender or a serious crash. With the many stories circulating about auto accident litigation, no wonder misconceptions are commonplace. Branham Law Offices, PC can clear up your misconceptions and help you protect your rights in a Mesa car accident lawsuit.

Common misconceptions

With my insurance company, I’m in good hands.

A number of broadcasting stations (CNN, CBS, PBS, ABC, etc.) have exposed insurance companies through insider reports. Former employees (some executives) left the industry because the company put profits before customers, which became a watchword for this type of report. Denying, delaying, and defending against valid claims along with dumping sick customers became an insurance company practice. Yet, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation report, average insurance premiums for families with employee-sponsored insurance have more than doubled between 1999 and 2009.

The best way is to settle fast and get your money.

An insurance company trains adjusters to settle quickly for the smallest possible amount. Especially when seriously injured, you need to reach maximum medical improvement before the doctor knows the extent of your disability. Settling quickly to get money right away often leaves injured people without needed future treatment or compensation for permanent disabilities.

Because of legal fees, you get more money without a lawyer.

Between lowball insurance company settlement offers and the ability of an excellent auto accident lawyer to maximize recovery by filing a lawsuit, people usually come out ahead when legally represented in a claim.

Hiring an attorney means going to trial.

The majority of auto accident cases (95 percent according to the National Arbitration Forum) settle out of court.

It takes a skilled lawyer to go up against large insurance companies, but I cannot afford a highly experienced lawyer.

Most personal injury lawyers take cases on contingency (as does the Branham Law Offices, PC) which means you owe nothing unless the firm wins a money settlement or verdict for you.

If you were in a car wreck, you have an accident case.

If you were 100 percent at fault for the accident and not injured, no grounds exist for an accident case. Read the FAQs about car accidents in Mesa and surrounding areas.